Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Update

this weekend i had planned on going out of town to see my family, but plans changed and we ended up staying home this weekend. since i had planned on going out of town i didn't make any plans, so the weekend was a big, blank slate--very refreshing.

i had read that there was a farmer's market in the bishop arts district in dallas, so i immediately put that on the list of fun activities. as it turned out, the farmer's market wasn't much to look at, but luckily bishop arts is a fun place to go any day, and we had lots of fun just walking around and exploring all the little shops--i felt like a tourist!

this one is for all of you P31's out there!
agua frescas! strawberry + lemonade = yes please:)
i finally got to wear my new shoes! i have been wanting a red pair of swedish hasbeens, but these sandals work just fine! vintage shirt, F21 skirt and purse, UO sandals. plus i got to wear a new lipstick i just bought:)

one of my favorite shops was a soda store that sold all kinds of unique flavors of soda. all the sodas lined up on the shelves looked so neat! like a soda rainbow:) there was even a little back area where you could sit and sip on your favorite beverage.

there was an amazing floral shop named 'dirt' that i pretty much wanted to live in. it smelled amazing and every display was so dreamy and pretty.

walking around we ran into some pretty awesome bikes that i simply must post as well. there was also a supercool bike shop where we stopped in for some know-how, and i got to drool at all of the amazing bikes on display:)

a grown up version of the bike i had when i was little, complete with streamers and white basket:)

after all that walking, we got pretty hungry. i had to exchange some sunglasses at urban outfitters so decided to eat at a place close-by called urban taco. by this time lucas and i were super tired and relieved to be sitting down, but i think this place was aimed at 'hip singles' b/c they were playing really loud music! it made us feel old:)

i don't remember what kind of tacos i got, but i do remember that they were goooood.
the jicama salad and green rice were very tasty:)

after grabbing a bite to eat our energy was renewed so we stopped by half-price books to look for a 'message bible'. they were out but we grabbed some cookies and a shake instead:)

i opted for a classic chocolate chip cookie--doesn't get much better than that!

needless to say, we had a very action-packed day. so busy, that when we got home we both fell asleep on the couch--i slept for three hours! later that night we caught up on all of our hulu shows--modern family, the office, and parks and recreation. it was a the perfect end to our busy day. what did you do this weekend?




  1. Wow, seems like a packed and wonderful day! You look incredible in blue and green, love the color block:)


  2. the soda shop is one of my fave places in bishop arts. have you been to decorazon gallery? it's always fun to walk through. they have some really great artists. looks like you had a fun wkend! :]


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