Friday, June 17, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

so, i meant to do this last week or the week before, but i kinda got busy...i have been reading these friday posts on courtney's blog, my socalled denver and she always write the most interesting things. turns out that these questions are available to anyone via lauren's blog at the little things we do. so feel free to go to her site and add your own fill in the blank fridays! this is my first one--here goes...

1.   The last movie I saw was   super 8. i don't usually go see movies in theatres b/c it's too expensive, but lucas and i were with a group of friends so that's an exception. i really liked it too! i love coming of age films, and liked this one esp b/c if was set in 1979, a pretty sweet year.

2.  I want to   have a job i love.

3.  Surprises are    awesome! i love love love surprises, esp in the form of gifts and special treats like food stuffs and spontaneous trips.

4.  The best accessory is  makeup. i don't know if that counts, but when i really take care in doing my makeup, which isn't very often, i feel about ten times prettier, and it makes every outfit i'm wearing look better too.

5.  My favorite warm drink is    so hard to decide! i love warm drinks! i used to work at starbucks so i think there is where this obsession was birthed. i lean towards a hot tea with cream and sugar, americano with c&s, or soy green tea latte with a pump of hazelnut--mmmmmmm! sorry i couldn't pick just one!

6.  My favorite cold drink is     again with the drinks! my go to drink is diet dr. pepper, which i like to add a splash of vanilla to at QuickTrip, our gas station (i know, classy). but you also can't beat an ice cold beer, esp when it's hot outside:)

7.  Currently loving     house-sitting. the people i babysit for went out of town for a month and i am dog-sitting/house-sitting. they have a huge, sweet house, complete with pool, slide, and theatre room--i feel like i am on a mini-retreat:)

hope you enjoyed reading! i would love to read yours and get to know you guys better:) have an awesome friday!


  1. this is such a nice idea! funny story: i am actually house (well apartment) sitting for the family i babysit for right now too! unfortunately, there is no pool involved. have fun!

  2. cool!! i am glad you did this. it's so fun for me to read other people's blanks, especially when it's the lovely ladies whose blogs i already read. i'll have to see super 8. thanks for the recommendation. happy sunday,


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