Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer In My City

summer is absolutely my favorite month of the year. i am totally a warm weather person. ideally i would live in some tropical location spending my days sipping cold drinks, lying on the beach. even though it gets super hot here in tejas, i love it just the same:)

besides the weather, i love summer because there are always tons of festivals, events, and just fun stuff going on. summer is also a time for me to plan many weekend trips a la camping, swimming, laying out by the pool, and floating the river:)

this past week lucas and i went to 'twilight tunes,' an old denton past-time. basically a band shows up and plays music on the square, and everyone lays out blankets and listens to music while drinking adult beverages and munching on food. nothing fancy, but very fun.

sunglasses: market in thailand
top: F21
shorts: vintage
shoes: UO

this past week there were so many people! we brought wine and 7Up for wine spritzers and dined on some New York Subs. i am already looking forward to next week!

what are some of your favorite summertime activities?

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