Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hot Toddy

i feel like i complain about the weather here all the time, but holy geez, it has been so hot! i'm talking a low of 95, consecutive highs over 110 degrees hot. which makes it really hard to look cute. most of the time these days i live in my bathing suit and jogging shorts. this is what i would consider dressing up these days:)

believe it or not, i didn't have my tripod that day, so all of these pictures were shot from my camera balancing on top of a car in the parking lot!

lucas found this monkey necklace at a garage sale. i was very proud of him for knowing i would like it. it has to be made of brass or something though, because it is pretty heavy!

it was hard to get a full body shot without the tripod so this is as close as i could get:)

this is one of the rare times i straightened my hair. 

i had been wanting these sunglasses for so long, and i finally got them!

top: metropark
cutoffs: forever21
necklace: thrifted
ring: anthropologie

can i tell you something embarrassing? so i was getting reading for our trip to san francisco and i called the airline to check our exact flight times. (i had accidentally deleted my online itinerary.) all i knew was that we would be leaving wednesday morning. well i'm glad i called because it turns out we are leaving next wednesday, a whole week later than i thought! i had already arranged time off work and made plans to stay with my friend that week. i felt soooo dumb having to tell them i had simply written down the wrong day on my calendar. has anything like this happened to you? if so, i would appreciate you sharing so i don't feel so bad!

san francisco will just have to wait another week:( but i hope you are having a splendid wednesday my friends:)



  1. 1. i've done that with the mixing up the dates.
    2. i have to drive to abilene today (3.5 hours) and my car's AC has decided to simply stop working, complain away. :)

  2. i've been a broken record lately myself where the heat is concerned. i, and the rest of this dumb state, are just so sick of it already. 110 degrees is just too much. but what pisses me off the most is my family in oregon complaining about how much rain they are getting and the temps are in the 70's. i'm like, fuck you!!!!!! haha. no but really, this has been one miserable summer.

  3. So funny & chic! Gorgeous face you have!
    Follow each other? :)


  4. I missed the first day of my Political Science class because I thought it was from 2 to 4. Wrong. At 10:30 in my pajamas, I got online and discovered it was from 9 to 11. Oopsies.

  5. 1. did you get a haircut, or did you just push your bangs to the side? i like the side-swept look on you.
    2. i love the necklace. and you look great in purple.
    3. first international trip with husband (honeymoon in mexico). we arrive to the airport without his passport. and it's not because he left it at home. it's because he doesn't have one. he read online that you don't need a passport to fly to mexico... luckily, he got an emergency passport that day and we left the following morning.
    second international trip with husband, we are getting ready to go to the airport to catch our redeye, when i check on our flight. it doesn't exist... why is this? because it left the day before. turns out midnight is a confusing time...


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