Monday, August 1, 2011

Skatin' on A Prayer

a couple of weeks ago our good friend monika had celebrated her 30th birthday party at the local skating rink--so awesome! not only that, but the theme was 90's! every person invited was to bring a picture of themselves from the 90's and dress as closely to the picture as possible. unfortunately, i didn't have enough time to scan the picture that i brought to the party, but these pictures should make up for it!

i had so much fun that night. the dj played an all 90's playlist, and it brought back so many memories just hearing the music. it was kind of surreal seeing everybody dressed up skating. i kind of felt like i was in beverly hills 90210 or something--it was really weird. but good:) it was the first time i had ever seen lucas clean-shaven, and i looked like a mexican kelley kapowski. and ofcourse i had to look no farther than my own closet to whip up a classic 90's ensemble:)

i don't know about you, but when i was little, elementary age, going to the skating rink was like the cool thing to do friday night. the speed skaters were the coolest, and i remember being really bummed that all of my friends could stay at the rink until 11 and i had to be home by 10--ha!

times have changed, but skating has not--it is still a freaking blast! i am determined to go back sometimes this year:)


  1. Wow what a great birthday party! I loved your totally 90's outfit!! Really something from Full House or Saved by the Bell hahah

  2. I remember those days fondly! Sounds like a great party! Very 90's-tastic

  3. what a wonderful idea!! i love it. my boyfriend and i recently went back to the skating rink where we skated together in elementary school and it brought back so many wonderful memories.

  4. these photos are really funny. i especially liked your mexican kelly kapowski comparison. 90s music kind of cheers me up- especially hip hop. it reminds me of being carefree, dancing with my friends in a high school gym.


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