Monday, October 3, 2011

This Weekend

this weekend was pretty great. even though i have a lot of time off during the week, i still look forward to the weekend because i get to spend more time with lucas (he has a regular 9-5 schedule.) i feel like we try to stay up as late as we can on friday, because we know that saturday is the only day we can sleep in together. one morning we stayed in bed until 1pm! it was awesome.

if we are feeling up to it we will usually tear ourselves away from bed and grab some donuts and kolaches to eat while we search the neighborhood for garage sales. lucas used to deliver pizzas in the area so he likes to think he has a sixth sense when it comes to finding the best streets for garage sales. looking them up in the paper is not an option:)

another saturday ritual is taking banjo to the dog park. i will be honest and admit that we are terrible when it comes to taking banjo for walks, so going to the dog park is pretty much the highlight of his week. it makes me happy to see him jumping around, in his little doggie element, playing with other dogs.

this sunday was lucas's 30th birthday so i spend most of the day getting ready for it. hopefully i will have some pictures of the big day soon, but until then, here are some pictures of our weekend we snapped with the phone.
at the dog park. banjo is the one mid-air:)

lots of bedtime cuddles

hope you guys had a splendid weekend as well. what did you do?!


  1. aww precious times!
    Sleeping in together is a rare occasion in this house hold.. i work tues-sat... and Luke works sunday-friday!!!
    :( its always a fight in my head whether i want to sleep in all day or wake up bright an early and have a day full of activities anytime we are both off together!

    looks like fun!

  2. very cute photos. you guys are adorable.


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