Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Week...

this week has been suuuper busy. i'm not exactly sure what we've been doing, but i know that a good chunk of that time was taken up getting ready for the etsy festival. i had the best intentions of getting everything ready early, but that didn't actually happen.

everything went swimmingly though, and the show was a success. it was so encouraging to have people compliment me on my store and see people fawn over the clothes. it makes me feel like i am really working towards something.

i'm a little late on this post, but i wanted to still include halloween. i wouldn't feel right if i didn't. so we'll start with that:)

first go at making cake balls. i couldn't get the chocolate to coat evenly, so they were kind of a big chocolatey mess. if any of you have any tips on how to melt chocolate please share! despite their messy appearance they were pretty delicious:)

having some halloween fun with dracula.

went trick or treating with these folks. baby beck was a bat, a sick bat, hence the poor little crying face. he still manages to look cute.

 this was a very last minute costume idea, but i loved it. we are dressed up as ghostland observatory, a band we listened to all the time when we first started dating, and will always have a special place in my heart. has anyone else hear of them? they are pretty awesome.

lots of sitting on the couch watching madmen--kind of our nightly ritual.

getting ready for the bazaar.

painting my nails makes me happy:)

spent a lot of time with ariel this week. don't you wish we could all be this carefree?

at the festival. this is the view from my booth!

i hope you guys had a wonderful week. here's to making this one even better!


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  1. Sof! How'd it go at the festival. I didn't even know it was happening or I'd have been there, with bells on!!!

    Love all of your pics! We can't get into madmen!! I know, we're weird.


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