Friday, January 6, 2012

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new year's eve morning lucas and i did something that i hope becomes a continuing tradition. we reflected on the past year together and talked about our highlights, what really stood out to us. then we prayed together and thanked God for everything he has done for us, and prayed for things coming up in the new year. here's a peek at our list!
i am really excited about this year. one of the biggest changes i am looking forward to this year is moving to denton. we have lived in lewisville since we got married, and it has been a blessing living so close to lucas's family and our church, but denton is such a great city with so much character. plus, two of our closest friends who are couples live there too! and as much as i despise packing, i actually love moving. (is that weird?)

i am also looking forward to growing my business--branding, participating in more etsy shows and markets, and finding more awesome vintage! my blog is also currently under a redesign, which is so exciting. i can't wait until it's it's up and running!

i also feel like this is our year to get out of debt. i haven't talked about it much on here, but lucas and i have been really budgeting and saving these past few months. once we are debt free we both feel like we'll be able to pursue big things like lucas going back to school, me starting a mobile shop, looking into overseas ministry, and/or possibly having a baby???? (baby probably happening later than sooner.) yay for the new year!

now for some totally unrelated instagrams:)

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