Tuesday, February 14, 2012


two years ago today lucas asked me to be his wife. he planned out this elaborate scavenger hunt using viewfinders to give me clues. each clue lead me to a different place--our first date, our first kiss, the place we first met. and i had no idea he was going to propose--i thought it was just something he was doing for valentine's! tricky tricky.

well i said yes, and here we are, two years later. best two years of my life!

lucas and i usually don't make a super big deal out of valentine's day--dinner somewhere nice, that kind of thing. but this year we have something super fun planned, and i am so excited! we got a groupon for a hotel in the city, so we're going to go eat somewhere fancy, get some drinks, and then go stay in our fancy hotel! the next day we're going to spend hanging out in the city, and that night we're going to see mike doughty, one of lucas's favorite singers. so fun!

i hope your valentine's is filled with plenty of love:)


ps. photos by evan vanderwall photography


  1. such an adorable story! the photos are so sweet and that ring is to die for!! hope y'all have a lovely day!

  2. These pictures are awesome and you two are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. these pictures are all sooo cute! did you set up a tripod for them?

  4. this is very sweet, sofia! how fun that he proposed on valentine's day. i absolutely love the last photo. you guys are so cute- you are going to have the best looking kids :) ...if you want kids, that is. happy valentine's day!

  5. these photos are so lovely!! Hope you had a wonderful time last night x


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