Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey Girl

i'm sure you've all seen these ryan gosling 'hey girl' pictures circulating around the internet. i think i spent a good 15 minutes looking at all of them on pinterest one day. i think they are pretty hilarious, probably because they feel like they are written with someone exactly like me in mind. so...i decided to try and write my own! here they are:)

 if you were going to write your own 'hey girl' poster, what would it say?


  1. i love the fourth picture, it makes me laugh ! great post dear. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

  2. oh my god, sofia! these are hilarious. i did the same thing one day- spent like a half an hour reading through them, laughing to myself, and then finally posted them on a friend's facebook wall- she has an etsy shop selling little things she's sews. these are AWESOME. i actually laughed out loud. posting to twitter right now. very funny. have you watched "shit girls say"? those are pretty funny too. but these ones hit home for bloggers/etsy sellers :)

  3. I was only thinking about these 'hey girl' pictures the other day. I showed my husband, and he was pretty taken back by these pictures. I didn't have to explain who Ryan Gosling was because he has actually seen The Notebook more than me! It's a weird phase, but they're better than lolcatz.

    My favourite is the first one and the thrifting one. I'm going to link this in my Monday 'start your week off with..' feature.


  4. Great post!!!I loved it :)
    Mine would be something like that:
    Hey girl dont worry about your Professor bullying at you all the time. One day you'll have lots of publications and none with his name ;)
    Hell yeah,sweet revenge :)


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