Saturday, February 4, 2012

This Week...

so remember last week when i said i had the most unproductive week of my life? well, scratch that, this week has been the most unproductive. just when i thought i was getting better from being sick i developed not only an ear infection, but pinkeye too! let's just say i'm never babysitting for a sick kidlet ever again!

this week has consisted of watching a lot of brothers and sisters, along with many other random movies on netflix. i tried to sweat it out and get well on my own, but i broke down and went to the doctor after i got pinkeye. thank God for antibiotics! but i am feeling on the up and up. i hope your week was better than mine--what did you do?

*managed to feel well enough for a game night--i hadn't played spoons in forever!
* tea, tea, and more tea
*the only productive thing i did do-- take photos of some purses for the store
*watched slc punk--still good after all these years:)
*lucas and i booked our hotel for valentines day--so excited!


  1. love the first photo!

    silly enough, it reminds me of a recent facebook status I posted...

  2. oh darling! I hope you are feeling better! thank you so much for dropping by my blog, it means so much.

    autumn jordan


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