Monday, February 20, 2012


this week was pretty much monopolized by all the crafting i had to do to get ready for my bestie's baby shower. but not so much that lucas and i didn't make time to celebrate valentine's day:) i feel like valentine's gets a bad rap-- some see it as just another holiday to exploit consumers, or others might feel it 's a holiday only for people in a romantic relationship. and i totally see both points of view. but i prefer to look at valentine's as a day, that no matter what, you let the ones that you love know just how much you care about them. which is so hard to do every day, yet so important. and i will totally take advantage of all the candy, dinners out, and special gifts that go along with it! how can you say no to chocolate, am i right?!

i know it sounded like i was complaining earlier, but i totally loved putting together the baby shower for my friend lindsey. she is a dear friend, and even though it was a lot of work, nothing made me happier:) she wanted a tea party theme for the shower so i spend many a day perusing thrift stores on the lookout for teacups and saucers. i had a lot of help from friends, and after much pinteresting and scones gone awry, the shower was a success! i am going to miss keeping my hands busy. i love having projects to keep my hands occupied, don't you?

this week i also received my last revision from my new blog redesign. i am so excited to have it up and running this week. here is a little sneak peek!

this week i...
*felt like i was on vacation without driving more than 30 minutes from home
*ate a lot of good food--half of it i didn't know how to pronounce, i just know it made my tastebuds all high-five eachother
*hosted my first baby shower
*finished off a jar of nutella
*used my lighting equipment for the first time
*failed to reach my goal of exercising three times a week--kinda saw that one coming:)
*finally got to wear my new pink shoes
*bought a new curling iron--exciting, i know
*did yoga with my husband, pretty much the cutest thing i've ever seen:)

what did you do this week?


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty great week! I went to school all week. and that's pretty much it. haha! LOVE LOVE these pictures and am excited to see your new blog design!

  2. i love the blog redesign! it looks fantastic!
    and i received my purse from your shop--i am totally in love! thanks for the sweet note (:

  3. i love the blog design. SO pretty.


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