Monday, February 27, 2012


when lucas and i woke up the day after valentine's we were kinda bummed. we had spent valentine's night in a hotel in downtown dallas and had taken the next day off to spend walking around the city. but when we went downstairs to the lobby it was pouring out! luckily, by the time we had finished our omelets and pancakes, the sun was a shining and the weather was per-fect. i didn't even need a jacket! now that's my kind of weather:)

i was pretty psyched because i finally got to wear two pieces that i had had in my closet for a long time, but never had the chance to wear. story of my life:) we ended up having a wonderful day. i got to explore a lot of shops that i had driven by dozens of times--posts of those to come!

top: anthropologie
jeans: vigoss via nordstrom
ring: asos


  1. cute.
    i love the new look/layout of your blog :)

  2. adorable as usual! i especially love that necklace. i am also lovin' the new layout!

  3. yay! glad you like the necklace. you look adorable, as usual. sounds like you had a perfect day. the days when the sun comes out after the rain are the best.

  4. soo darling! i love your jewels..and your outfit!
    glad your day turned out to be a nice one.

  5. These are my favorite kind of post! Love the ring!

  6. this might sound silly, but i love your chipped nail polish. i really do! my polish rarely stays on due to my guitar playing, and i think it looks way cooler that way :)

    also you have like, the best hair!

  7. Cute and casual! I love that top and your pretty necklace.


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