Friday, March 23, 2012


Hey there! I'm Kate from Wake Up, Lovely, a blog about the things that inspire me, the little things that make me happy & my take on living as optimistic a life as possible! I love tattoos, painting and sharing positive pieces. Stop by and say hi sometime!"


Hello there! I'm Sarah from oh, lovely day, my mommy blog (minus the children) where I store my crafts, baking, inspiration, and adventures from my life in New York, Boston, Tennessee, and Texas.  There is nothing I love more than picnics on my fire escape.  I have never met a stranger, so stop by and say hello!

My name is Anastasia and I'm 20-something student and fashion blogger. I have a passion for creating beautiful things and cooking cakes. I'm grateful when I'm able to fulfill that desire and that truly makes me smile.

In my shop you can find plenty of headbands and knitted bags. All headbands are handmade by me and all knitted bags are made by my mother (unfortunately I'm not that talented). All designs are completely one of a kind because they are made with love for unique and special people. If you fall in love with a design, I do suggest purchasing sooner rather than later, items are often sold out before people get a chance!

I create all of my things in my in-home studio which is located 30 minutes away from Big Ben.
I do get lots of inspiration from London and I'm always on the track for new suggestions and ideas.


Hello, My name is Lauren & I blog over at Tastes LIke Love about my daily adventures, fancy folk, my illustrations and other delightful things I come across. I like movie nights & picnics with my husband, writing postcards to my bff, drawing illustrations of cute girls, blogs, coffees at cafes and design. I also love coming across new blogs, so swing by & say hi!

Lauren x


Hello there! My name is Courtney. I’m an English teacher, Etsy shop owner, and obsessive picture-taker. I'm from California but live with my husband and two little dogs in Colorado. I like art, small dogs, making lists, playing with cameras, and recycling old jewelry. Nice to meet you! 

Hello, new friends! My name is SUZE and I'm a 20 something "newly" wed (going on 2 years!) and my husband and I are on a strict budget.  Actually, I wish we were stricter.  Essentially, we are learning to put one whole salary toward school debt - of which is around $30K right now (um, and we just learned we are preggo).  The good news: we paid off our car and a lot of other school debt when we first got married we had about $50K in debt.  See how fast we are doing this?  THIS COULD BE YOU.  Come & read about our mishaps, mistakes, and "are you committed to the budget?" talks as well as my attempts at fashion shoots, cooking, cleaning, preparing for a BABY! and shopping in a happy, budgeted life. 

We live in Texas, we are campus ministers and we have the cutest puppy ever.  Come see the blog. We'd love to have you!  

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