Wednesday, March 28, 2012


since i started my blog one year ago, (wow, has it really been that long?!) i have entered a whole other world that i never knew existed. it is weird to even call myself a 'blogger,' although i guess i am one? for the most part, i really enjoy blogging. at first it was simply a means to further my business, but now i really enjoy sharing my latest obsessions and interests. however...there are those other times.

sometimes i feel like i am so busy writing posts like 'lovely gardens' or 'clothes that i love' that i don't have enough time to actually start my own garden or sew my own clothes. does that make sense? the fact that i am even doing this post is ironic in itself:)

i want this blog to be a positive place, but if i can't vent on my own blog, where else i am going to? instead of being glued to my computer and/or iphone, i want to start doing the very things i talk about on this blog, and not have to worry about bringing my camera! that being said, my posts might be a little thin sometimes, but i do appreciate all of you reading anyway! now let's go out and live life!


  1. Haha, agreed! Totally get what you're saying. Post less, do more. There's nothing wrong with that, and by doing so, your posts will actually get MORE interesting!

  2. I agree. to post less could definitely mean more creativeness! lovely to come across your blog today.

  3. Go out and live life!Totally agreed :)

  4. Oh, I totally know how you feel! Like right now...I should be sketching out new designs and working on a website. But it's so easy to get sucked into all the beauty the blogging world has to offer!
    I like to tell myself I'm "inspiration-hunting" while spending countless hours on blogs ;)

  5. i feel the exact same way most every day. Im like.. 'why is this even a priority in my life.. when there is much more than, what i wore, or my latest visit to get coffee..' but then, i love it and get so excited about all the connections and community it brings. It just depends on what day it is to see how i feel. haha.
    but definitely.. trying to live more in the moment, rather than... the future "moment" or blog entry


  6. I totally get what you're saying, Sofia! It can be such a difficult balance to strike sometimes.

  7. I feel the same way! i'm recently new to blogging and love it but it definitely takes up more time than I thought it would! you have a stunning blog- new follower :)

  8. i think all bloggers feel this way. sometimes it's good to take a nice break.


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