Monday, March 5, 2012


okay, this week has been absolutely gorgie! actually, these past two weeks have been beautiful. i really  hope that spring has come early. i am sooooo ready to actually be able to be outside for long periods of time.

last weekend when we went home to see my parents we managed to come back with a movie projector. my dad likes to buy the most random things, and when he ceases to ever use them, gives them to me:) we would have taken home their juicer too, but we didn't have room!

we made full use of the projector and the weather as soon as we could. last monday we hung up a sheet in our friend's backyard and watched a movie on the big screen. we decided on jurassic park, a classic:) i am looking forward to having many more movie nights this spring!

this week i...
*made the most of the weather and went on the best bike ride
*started watching smash--i'm addicted
*had a run in with an 18-wheeler on the highway and came away unscathed
*had my first fountain drink of the season--many more to come!
*edited the html code on my blog, and it actually worked!
*made all of banjo's puppy dreams come true and took him to the dog park
*witnessed lucas's first manicure, care of my niece:)
*saw my first 3D movie--star wars y'all!
*made some amazing thrifting finds--sweet valley high book and a percalator!
*partook in some in 'n out--just as good as i remember:)

i hope you had a good week!



  1. How lovely is having a movie night in the backyard! and with such a classic! Your week looks amazing productive, gotta love when you achieve things! Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories and pictures.

  2. I used to love the Sweet Valley Kids and Sweet Valley High books! My cousin and I always read them because we have the same names as the twins and we were apparently fascinated by that. ;) But anyway, outdoor movie nights sound awesome. That would be such a fun way to end a summer cookout with friends!


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