Tuesday, April 10, 2012


this week has been a sweet time of catching up with friends and just hanging out. my friend rachel came over for dinner, and it was the first time she had ever really sat down and talked with lucas. it's so weird when your best friends don't even know the man you are married to! it made me happy that they were finally able to get to know eachother.

we also started reading for the scuba classes we are starting next week. lucas's mom found a groupon for his nephew and a friend to take scuba classes for his birthday, and she graciously offered to pay for me to take the classes too. something i never saw myself doing, but am so thankful and pumped about. we have to read an entire book by the first class--it kinda feels like we are in school again, reading about density and volume. but i definitely feel smarter:) i will let you guys know how the first class goes!

this week i...
*watched the season premiere of mad men. so. good.
*took the first step towards starting my herb garden with one pot of rosemary. more to be added soon.
*visited my dear friend lindsey and her baby boy tovin. he gained a pound this week!
*began purging my closet of winter clothes in preparation for summer.
*took a ton of photos for the shop, which means new lovelies for sale!
*went to baby beck's first birthday party. he's the cutest:)
*began another bible study with lucas and our friends over the book of john. this is our second study!


  1. Sounds like a successful week! Scuba lessons sound pretty exciting :)

  2. Wow... what a week!! I think I need a break. It sounds like it does a lot of good! ;-)


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