Monday, April 23, 2012


holy cow, this week was crazy. for the past few months my husband's grandfather has been in and out of the hospital and a nursing facility. this sunday he passed away. he was very much loved and ofcourse there was sadness at losing him, but there was also so much joy and hope knowing that he would be with our Lord.

needless to say we had a very busy week, with family in town and everything. but this monday we also started our scuba class. i forgot to get a physician's approval to take the course, so three hours before class i had to go to a care now facility and see a random doctor. luckily, i got the okay, and made it to class with minutes to spare.

this weekend was also the dallas flea, so on top of everything else that was going on i had to get ready for the show. many long days and late nights later...i am exhausted! tomorrow i plan on doing absolutely nothing, and it will be marvelous:)

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  1. Sorry about your husbands grandfather :( It is amazing how much comfort and hope there is in knowing that he's with Jesus now!

    Love the photos...especially the mug with the lipstick mark!


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