Monday, May 7, 2012


this week has been all about catching up on rest. i even took two days off of work to "rest," and by that i mean catching up on housework and working on the store. the weekend before we had our scuba trip. i was a little bit nervous since i had a freak out in one of the classes before, but everything was fine and we had a great time camping out. at the scuba park we camped at there were all kinds of cool things to look at underwater like planes and buses. and now i am officially a certified open water scuba diver!

 this weekend we went on our second camping trip in a row. but instead of having to drive three hours away, we decided to camp out fifteen minutes away. the scenery made it feel like we were somewhere else, but it was so nice being able to go back and forth to pick up canoes and drop banjo off at the apartment. we had so much fun! here's a little peek into the rest of my week.

this week i...
*found a new favorite thrift store.
*took tons of new photos for the shop.
*did some serious purging from our apartment--looking forward to getting rid of more!
*amassed eight loads of laundry in our living room.
*cooked for the first time in two weeks!
*got some serious tan lines.

i hope you guys had a good week! what did you do?!


  1. What a fun and productive week! I want to go camping so badly, I am jealous. I think I would be too afraid to scuba dive, but congrats on becoming certified!! Your pup is so cute in the bottom photo, haha.

  2. Looks like a lovely week! I love a good thrift find! And I LOVE that quilt :)

  3. purging clutter feels sooo good! I wish I could bring myself to do it.


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