Monday, May 21, 2012


this week has been...stressful. i remember writing a post a month ago about how excited i was about looking for a house. my how things have changed:) finding a place has been a lot harder than i thought. i had this picture of this cute, old house in my head, and just how i was going to decorate it. i knew we weren't going to find something perfect, but i hoped to find a nice compromise.

it almost looked as if we had found the perfect house, but in the end it fell through--super disappointing. so i kind of feel we are back at square one. in the end i know this is just one more thing i need to trust God with. whether we end up looking for a place by ourselves or getting another apartment, we will be living somewhere else in less than a month! crazy! wish us luck!

this week i...
*went on a DIY kick and spent way too much money in hobby lobby.
*had a solo girl's night in and watched like crazy and my week with marilyn in one night.
*made my 100th sale on etsy--woohoo!
*held three different newborns. is this a sign?
*started a new book. my how i've missed reading.
*totally scored on a thrift store run.

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