Monday, June 25, 2012


it always takes me a good few weeks to edit and post anything. these pics are from memorial day, which was almost a month ago, but better late than never right? lucas and i went over to tommy and lydia's and grilled out with our friends steven and monika. we all had the day off, so there were no worries about getting home early for work the next day. tomydia provided quite the spread of turkey burgers and fixins, and monika, as always, supplied our yummy dessert. i guess we covered drinks? tommy just purchased a motorcycle, so the guys spent a good part of the day trying to get it in working order. man, that thing is loud! us ladies stayed inside out of the heat and watched whip it:) perfect summer day.

top: thrifted
shorts: thrifted 
sandals: UO

1 comment:

  1. You look so cute! I would definitely wear something like that for a nice summery day. I love your Hawaiian print shirt.


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