Monday, July 30, 2012


the concert gods have smiled down upon me. there are so many amazing artists who are on tour right now, (or will be this fall.) ch ch ch check 'em out.

fiona's been a favorite of mine for a long time. me and probably every other teenage girl growing up in the nineties. who has every word of the album tidal memorized? this girl. i actually found out she was on tour when i drove by a billboard advertising her concert at the winstar casino in oklahoma--weird. i have yet to listen to all of her new album. any thoughts?

i missed beach house last year and have been kicking myself in the pants ever since. i made it a point to purchase my tickets as soon as they went on sale this time, so come september, i will be ready and waiting.

dallas music has done me proud. you cannot beat such an amazing lineup for such a great price. grimes, portugal the man, heartless bastards. i haven't gotten tickets to this show simply because i have had to make the horrible decision of choosing between all these amazing shows. sad face.

when i grow up i want to be like st. vincent. how cool is she? her latest album is amazeballs, and the fact that david byrne from the talking heads thinks she's legit enough to tour with is probably the biggest compliment there is. these two together equals gauranteed awesomeness. cannot wait until this album drops this fall.

anytime you feel like dancing your eyes out, put on some justice. i cannot imagine how krunk this show is gonna be, and yes i said krunk. and to top it all off, the show is on halloween. lucas and i went to go see ghostland observatory one halloween dressed up as a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco. i guess justice has replaced them? but it was sooooo much fun. we'll see. i've been dying to dress up as a rainbow and i think this concert could be my chance:)

what shows are you going to?!

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