Wednesday, July 11, 2012


we are officially moved! Praise the Lord! these past couple of weeks have been kinda tough. sure moving is always stressful--packing, and then the actual action itself kinda sucks. who likes carrying huge boxes to and fro repeatedly? but banjo's horrendous case of the fleas doubly added to the stress. it doesn't sound like a big deal, but when fleas are biting you in your own bed and nothing you try seems to work, it can drive you a little crazy. thankfully we finally got the flea problem under control and are on to happier days.

i didn't expect it, but moving was quite an emotional experience. i knew it was going to take a long time to move our stuff, but 12 hours into moving day i hit a breaking point. then our u-haul broke down. we ended up having to take an extra day to move. i don't know how we ever would have been able to move without that extra day. when all was said and done, and lucas and i stood in our empty apartment, our first home, we got a little sentimental, okay, a lot sentimental. we took a minute to thank God for giving us such a wonderful place to start our life together and asked him to bless us in our new house as well. i'm looking forward to posting pics of the new house!

1. chocolate chunk cookie at chic-fil-a. bought a desert and got an 8 piece chicken nugget free!
2. brunette and blonde--best of both worlds.
3. jake and banjo, bff:)
4. dinner with a local soda straight out of little d. it really was the bee's knees!

1. my first time at bahama bucks. ofcourse i went for the whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate.
2. this is what we did with our clothes after we washed them.
3. my future tattoo. being a nanny does have its perks.
4. i think we have enough bikes, what about you?

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