Friday, April 8, 2011

First Post Eveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

hello world! hello internet community! this is officially my first blog post ever-- it's a pretty big deal... well, probably not, unless you happen to be my husband or mom and dad. BUT, i've never had a blog before though, so this is kind of exciting:)

It is honestly kind of weird to basically be writing about yourself and expect people to read about your life, so i'm not quite sure how long this little blog of mine will last. i do, however, enjoy writing--i've kept a journal since my junior year in highschool, so this is just kind of like keeping a journal online instead of writing everything down. also, i am hoping that this blog will create a little bit of traffic in the etsy shop i just opened.

etsy shop you say? yes, in case i have not publicized my shop enough on facebook i will tell you about it now. ahem! (that was me clearing my throat to begin my explanation). so if you know me well enough, you know that i love clothes. it sounds shallow and materialistic, but it's true. to me, clothes are like art, and i love creating a happening outfit. HOWEVER, due to lack of funds i, like many others, have opted to thrift instead of spending tons of moola on clothes, and this has led to a love of vintage. hence we have come full circle to my vintage store on etsy. if you haven't already, please check it out and tell your friends! thanksies!

anywho, this post is getting longish so i will say goodbye for now, and leave you with a little soundbite from a lady with a lot of style, lykke li. i have been loving this song, so maybe you will love it too! good night and God bless!

lykke li, i follow rivers

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