Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend, workin' for the weekend!

i think i look forward to every weekend, but this past weekend i was especially excited. i hadn't gotten to just stay home and enjoy a weekend doing whatever my little heart desired in forever! we had been either out of town or i had been working for the last three weeks, and again, sooooooo excited for some rest and relaxation.

the real weekend for me didn't start until saturday, b/c friday i babysat, but saturday morning started off great. me and lucas woke up early, grabbed some donuts and kolaches, and headed out for some good ol' fashioned garage salein'. even though i covet my sleep, getting up early was totally worth it, if you count 9am as early:) i think half the fun of going to garage sales lies not actually in the actual looking at stuff part, but in the inbetween. it was a gorgeous day, and i loved just riding around, windows rolled down, music on, with my love. we did, however, find a few cool things, and get to see some pretty interesting stuff.

we found this album at an estate sale we happened upon. it was funny b/c there were bibles on tape and religious regalia littered throughout the house and then out of nowhere it was kama sutra central.

this was the wallpaper in the kitchen i think--pretty cool:)

after garage sales we came home to get our little banjo and then we were off to denton! i had been looking forward to spending all day outside in denton. in lewisville where we live there isn't much to do, but denton has a great town square with a cute little courthouse and lawn perfect for strolling and hanging out. but...

little did i know that the wind decided to blow at a cool 50 mph. jk, i don't know how fast the wind was, but the point was it was so windy! kind of annoying if you're going to be outside all day. plus, i don't know why, but for some reason i was just really irritable, and so was lucas! i was pretty bummed...the day was not turning out as i had imagined. even the bubble tea we had earlier was starting to make my stomach hurt, and i love bubble tea! (esp. taro)

believe it or not this was the best picture of me that day, or at least during that part of picture-taking. see how my hair is blowing?! ps--i don't know why i am smelling my hand.
but...the day did turn around. we met our friends matt and darren at the square, hung out for a bit, walked around, and had some delisioso tacos at fuzzy's. later that night we ordered some pizza and watched a movie. we ended up watching 'devil' which, when it first came out, did not want to see simply b/c of the name. that was enough. but a friend told me what it was about and it seemed pretty interesting. it turned out not to be the best movie, but it was pretty entertaining, and more importantly, not too scary! in the end, ended up having a great day, despite a rough beginning--yay for weekends!
the courthouse on the denton city square

up up and away!
me and the jo-ster
if anything, we could rest easy knowing banjo had a great time:)
how was your weekend? i'm already looking forward to the next!

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