Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Georgia Pine, In Decline

that's one of the lines to the lissie song, little lovin' that i particularly like. i've noticed that all of the songs or bands i've liked lately have been backed by a female lead singer. this was not true in the past. for some reason (in the past) i just found the sound of most female lead singers really annoying. i don't know if i've changed or music's changed, but now there are so many female artists out there that i love. it might have something to do with the fact that i have been listening to "sleigh bells" on my pandora when i work out....

anywho, i wil have to tell you about this little thrift store i have been volunteering at. i usually volunteer once a week, but every time i go there is usually some interesting story to tell, either from the clients who come in, or the ladies i volunteer with. most of the ladies there have been volunteers for at least 10 years and are in their seventies or eighties! and let me tell you, they are hilarious! i love just listening in on their conversations.

the other day a few of the ladies were talking about what churches they went to and their different denominations. a couple of the ladies, who happened to be presbyterians, got into a lively discussion about their own denomination. this is how it went...

"you know us presbyterians, we're set in our ways. have you ever heard that joke? how many presbyterians does it take to change a light bulb? (dramatic pause) change? hahahhahaha"

i don't know if this joke translates via blog, but let me tell you, it was hilarious! just had to share it with you:)

in other news, here are a couple of spring lovelies that i am loving:)

i love love love these shoes! but they are so expensive! h&m has come out with a very similar shoe, but wouldn't you know, our h&m is not carrying them! and all i can think about is how many cute outfits they will go with:)
these round frames are too cute. i must have some for summer! although i'm not quite sure how they'll look on me...

also, while perusing the intranet, i came across a couple of jewelry designers with some really cool stuff, check it out!
love this!
double love this!

all of the above is from pamela love. and all the below is from lizzie fortunato.

so cute!
double cute!

quadruple cute!

and to top it all off, a couple more pics from this weekend!

banjo actually jumped onto the edge of the door while we were at sonic! i couldn't believe he didn't fall down.

why is sonic so good? something about it just screams summer to me. gotta love the happy hour and let's not forget, cheddar peppers! ps--sorry for the poor picture quality.


  1. haha, your dog is too cute! I love that he jumped on the window seal!

  2. Hi!! yes, you guessed right :)
    so glad you found me. You and your blog are too cute!
    glad to find you in the blogosphere!

  3. little banjo is so cute! <3 so brave to stand on the window


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