Monday, April 18, 2011

For the Record...

this weekend was, in the words of miley, pretty cool. we ended up in dallas for most of the weekend. saturday we woke up early, enjoyed some homemade breakfast burritos, and went to Good Records for record store day, which was so much fun! we met up with some friends and enjoyed the beautiful weather, live music, and free food and beer:) and what beer was it you ask? lonestar! the official beer of the great state of tejas. i am bummed i never knew about record store day before, but know that i do, i will surely be making it an annual pastime.

top: F21
skirt: thelovelyhunter vintage
sandals: UO
purse: thelovelyhunter vintage
ring: ASOS

sunday was equally awesome. after church and a little nappy nap, we woke ourselves up for the "pooch parade." every year around eastertime they have a dog costume contest in uptown dallas with live music in the park, doggy booths, and various sundries to delight your senses a la pina coladas and strawberry parfaits. we didn't enter banjo in the costume contest b/c we already knew he was the cutest one there, but checking out the other dogs in costume was pretty hilar.

dress: thelovelyhunter vintage
shoes: ROSS
after the contest we went for a walk around the city and had dinner at one of my fave places, eatzi's--sooo good! and just when we thought the day couldn't get any did:) we went over to our neighbors and good friends, tommy and lydia's place for some games and snackage. we played yahtzee and watched youtube videos until our hearts content:) tommy and lydia just had a baby boy, beck, three weeks ago, so i love going over there so i can stare at him and look forward to the day i have a little critter of my own.

so, i was offically spent this weekend. i slept in until 11 today and it was glorious! when i walked outside i was greeted by the texas heat. i am afraid that our spring might be already over. either way, the air conditioner in our apartment has officially been turned on. how was your weekend?



  1. Thanks for the kind comment! And I say don't be nervous at all! If you want to color your hair go for it, it's just hair! It will always get back to normal eventually :) I've colored my hair so many colors, jet black, reds, blues, purples...I say whatever YOU want to do, truly, you will pull it off. :)

  2. Banjo is so super cute.
    i love the profile pic of him, he looks like he is eagerly watching everything around him!

  3. I love the photo of you and Banjo at the pooch parade...sooooo cute!! Great colorful dress too!


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