Sunday, April 24, 2011

My So-Called Weekend

this weekend was a relaxing change from most. usually our weekends end up being busier than the actual week, usually b/c there's all this fun stuff that i want to pack in since we don't have to work. friday night we went to fuzzy's taco's (a usual spot) with my sister-in-law lara and her husband manny. no matter how many times i go there i never get tired of their grilled shrimp tacos. the margaritas aren't bad either:)

saturday night we took banjo to the dog park, where he literally became wet with dog drool. it was pretty disgusting, but banjo always looks like he is having the best day of his life whenever we go, so i make the sacrifice:) after that we came home and i fell asleep for 3 hours! and it was not nap-sleep, it was like the legit night-time kind of sleep. that night we went to BJ's brewery to celebrate our friend dorothy's birthday. both lucas and i used to work at starbucks with dorothy, so we ended up seeing a lot of the old "partners" that we worked with and got to catch up--it was a lot of fun:)

a recent development in my netflix watching saga has been watching my-so called life. i was psyched when i saw that a show that i actually like was available for instant watch so i immediately jumped on the angela chase bandwagon.

and how could i, ofcourse, not notice the clothes? i am personally loving the nineties comeback happening in fashion right now, but i wasn't sure i liked or disliked most of angela's outfits. for now i'm going with like. what do you think?


and while we're on the subject, here is an homage to the nineties trends happening right now:)

1. denim
Alexander Wang

2. florals
Kimchi Blue for UO

3. plaid
Otis & MacClain

4. Doc Martens 

5. hats!
not sure where i found this!

6. velvet

7. backpacks


8. babydoll dresses
Proenza Schouler

9. crop tops
and to top it all off, here is a video snippet  i saw on 'my so-called life' that i liked. i think i took away something different from what mr. malcom intended, namely, to love who God created you to be!

and on that note...

happy easter!!!


  1. love this! i just started watching my so called life on nf too and i'm loving the 90's inspired looks. the layering of different patterns/textures would be perfect with modern and vintage pieces!


  2. I loved the show. When it was cancelled I went to a final screening in LA where all the cast members sat on stage and talked. It was the coolest thing that happened to me in high school :) I like the florals, but I am a little freaked out by the 90s stuff.

  3. grilled shrimp tacos!
    oh man, thats my staple at our local "cabo fish taco" it is so delish!
    yum, now im hungry!

  4. I really dig Angela's clothes--makes me nostalgic for being a teen in the 90s. I kind of miss the loud colors and patterns, and getting to wear oversized/grunge clothes like the boys.

    Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for dropping by to comment on my blog!


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