Saturday, May 21, 2011


hello from the wonderful city of wichita falls, tx! i am here at my parents visiting for the weekend. it has been waaaaay too long since i have seen my family--i really missed them. hopefully i will be sharing some pictures of the weekend, but until then here's some pics of an outfit i wore last week.

i originally wore this outfit in order to have some pictures to post for my etsy store, but i liked what i was wearing so much i decided to wear it the whole day! i also like this pic so much i decided to use it for my header:)

 it turns out i didn't have this tank for long-- a lovely girl from switzerlad bought it the day afer i put it up! my first international order:)

the silk tank i sold is vintage, F21 cutoffs, necklace from a market in thailand, vintage bracelet and watch, urban outfitters sandals

ok, so i know it is sappy, but i have to share something my sweet husband did the other day. i came home expecting to see him on the couch on the computer. but he was waiting for me with banjo, lights dimmed, 'our song' playing. he had even put a little bowtie on banjo! then he took me by the hand, and we danced:)

what a sweetheart, huh? what are some special things your honey has done for you? hope you guys are having a splendid weekend,



  1. firstly, cute outfit! secondly, that is sooo sweet of your husband. put a smile on my face to read that xx

  2. Great outfit! So Summer!
    Follow me!


  3. Yes i was so happy because i was looking for exactly this kind of a dress :)
    Ohh lucky you, what a sweet husband :)

  4. That is so cool that your necklace is from Thailand. It's beautiful!

    Style Soufflé


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