Saturday, May 14, 2011

Green Velvet If You Please

yesterday lucas and i went to go see blue valentine at the dollar theatre. oh my gosh, so so so so sad! very beautiful, but just sad. i really liked it, minus the many sex scenes, and i thought the ending credits were really cool. but i seriously had to hold back sobs at the the end. i am a big movie crier, but still. anyone else seen this movie? thoughts?

here are a few pics of an outfit this week.

vintage top, vintage dress worn as skirt, F21 necklace, ASOS ring, khol's shoes

this skirt is actually a dress that i have for sale in my etsy store. if you are interested in buying let me know! 




  1. I love it too! It's super sad, but a good lesson in how fragile relationships can be and a good reminder that they need to be maintained, I think.

    Lovely outfit!



  2. I likey these outfit posts, Sofia!

    Also, I have SO BEEN MEANING TO SEE Blue Valentine. Even though it is reportedly so sad and heavy -- everyone says so!

    Also, thank you for stopping by Austin Eavesdropper! :) I'm house-decorating this weekend. Must. Rein in. Spending.

  3. I love that outfit! I bought some green velvet that I've been meaning to make a dress out of or skirt..thank you for the reminder to do so! :)

  4. i haven't yet seen it, but i want to. i am totally a movie crier too.

  5. what a coincidence! i just watched the movie the other day and i thought it was so heartbreaking to watch. watching them falling out of love was infinitely painful.

    your velvet skirt is pretty, i've always loved velvety stuff:)


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