Friday, May 13, 2011

This Made Me Happy:)

i was so happy when i saw that sarah from oh, lovely day! gave me the stylish blogger award! thank you sarah! it makes me happy to know that people would even look at my blog, let alone count me as stylish:) now it's my turn to pass the honor along to five other bloggers:

sofia at sofianeander
rachel at parrish the thought
charis at seastation
sarah nicole at anonymouswasawoman

here are the rules that follow the award:
1. thank and link to person who gave the award.
2. share seven random facts about myself.
3. pass the award along to five new-found blogging buddies.
4. contact the winners to congratulate them.

7 random facts...
1. i didn't have a boyfriend until i was a junior in college. i was pretty much scared of boys all throughout highschool:)

2. i am a notorious quitter. i know that sounds really bad, but unless i am either really good at something, or extremely passionate about it, i tend to just quit--so horrible! i stopped playing the piano, violin, clarinet, and changed my major from business marketing to fashion design to art education.

3. i have always been a late bloomer. i didn't lose my first tooth until i was 8 years old and didn't learn how to ride a bike (without training wheels) until that same year--so embarrassing as a kid!
4. i took classical ballet for 17 years. i was actually pretty good and even spent a summer studying with joffrey ballet.

5. aliens scare the crap out of me. i used to watch unsolved mysteries as a kid and i think it did some damage. just one glimpse of those pictures of the aliens with the big eyes and i can't get it out of my head!

6. my most beloved pet was a pekipoo named noodles:)

7. i make all kinds of dough and mixes just to eat--cake mix, cookie, dough, brownie dough, biscuit dough, you name it! so good!

i feel like this post has revealed what a huge dork i really am, but that's what makes each of us beautiful and unique, right?

hope you're having a wonderful day,



  1. Aw thanks! This is so much fun! Like alot (: /sofia n.

  2. I'm a complete late bloomer myself, too ;). And I had to google pekepoo, haha.

    Hope you have a great weekend! ;)


  3. aww congrats on the blogger award!! u def deserve it ;). and cute on all your facts! omg seriously agree with you on aliens being scary lol, "Signs" the movie definitely scared me sooo much! :P
    And YES on eating cookie dough, omg its THEE BEST..kinna better than the cookie itself haha.

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. I love cookie dough as well. I eat almost all of my cookies before they actually become cookies. Sad, but true.


  5. Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! xo

  6. Thank you for the award, lovely! I will have to start thinking about some facts.

    Hmmm... : )




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