Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life Is So Good

the other day while i was babysitting, the little girl i was sitting for, riddhi, pulled out a book that her father had recently bought, 'life is so good.' i started thumbing through it, and was so inspired by what i found. i would try and give you a summary, but i'll let random house do it instead:)

Born in 1898 in Marshall, Texas, the grandson of slaves, George Dawson tells how his father, despite hardships, always believed in seeing the richness in life and trained his children to do the same. As a boy, George had to go to work to help support the family, and so he did not attend school or learn to read; yet he describes how he learned to read the world and survive in it.

...At ninety-eight, George decided to learn to read and enrolled in a literacy program, becoming a celebrated student. "Every morning I get up and I wonder what I might learn that day. You just never know." ...throughout his story, George Dawson inspires the reader with the message that sustained him happily for more than a century: "Life is so good. I do believe it's getting better."

rhiddi and i started talking about the book and she asked me, 'does this book teach us a lesson?' what a question from such a small little girl! 'yes,' i answered her, 'what lesson do you think it teaches us?' i was so honored and excited to be having such an important conversation with such a tender heart.

we talked about how george did not let his circumstances stop him from pursuing his dream. and rhiddi asked me another big question--'is life so good?' wow. how would i answer? i could have just said yes, it is. but the teacher/realist in me wanted to give her a better answer. i told her life can be good, and that we can help make our lives better by making good choices.

i have yet to read this book, but it is on my long long list. have you heard of it? what would you have said to rhiddi?

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