Saturday, June 11, 2011

Everything Is Bigger In Texas

i had so much fun having johanna and her friend jessica stay with us a couple of weeks ago. it was almost like a little mini vacation for me, because i took time off to hang out with them. i did wish that i had more to show them while they were here, but dallas isn't exactly a tourist destination:) plus, it was soooo hot! but that didn't stop us from having a lovely time. here are some pics from their visit.


i took them to uptown dallas and we walked around. we went to a couple of vintage stores, my favorite coffee shop, and ate at urban taco (had to treat them to some good mexican food). the next day we had breakfast at a place called ham and eggs which has super-sized everything--i figured that was a good place to eat since everything is 'bigger in texas.'

i wish i had photos from the next day--we went to the fort worth stockyards, which is kind of like the cowboy part of fort worth--there are cow hide and boots everywhere you look. we even got to see real longhorns walk down the street! good times:)

hope you lovelies are having a wonderful week, hearts!

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  1. yes! the stockyards! texas at it's best. and yes, it has been MISERABLY hot here. i'm up in fort worth right now visiting my boy and it is insane. wacko is really hot as well, but i ate at the restaurant he works at, and i sat out on the patio...bad choice. i may never go outside again.


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