Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pretty. Funny. Just Plain Awesome

i am still internetless...this means i have not gotten to read your lovely blogs:( but i have been pleasantly surprised that i haven't missed it as much as i thought i would. lucas and i don't have cable, so we rely pretty heavily on our internet for entertainment via hulu or netflix. we've rented more movies than usual lately, to make up for our lack of shows. 'a serious man' was okay, and 'city island' was surprisingly pretty good, better than i expected for sure. seen any of these?

this week lucas and i will be going to church camp as counselors with the kids from our church. it's my first time, and lucas' fifth time or something, and i'm pretty excited-- i think it's gonna be a lot of fun:) i will still be posting pre-prepared blogs from camp, but i won't have time to do much more than that--so i will have a lot of reading to do when we get back! in the meantime, here's some eye candy...


this print is so pretty.

love this bathing suit, and the model's tattoo!
 i want to go to here.

ha! watch out little buddy!
 does it make me immature because i think this is funny?

 my pet owl (i wish)

just plain awesome.

 who doesn't want to live in a tee pee?

 legos + camera = recipe for awesomeness.

heck to the yes!


  1. wow! I loooove that bathing suit!

  2. I'm immature too, because that is freakin' awesome. Also, that bathing suit is gorgeous!



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