Wednesday, July 6, 2011


i posted a song from this band a while back, but i had to dedicate a whole feature to them because they are just that rad! they have a kind of surf pop sound that is perfect summer music, and every track on the album is just so catchy and well written.

i was curious about the band, b/c i knew nothing about them except that i liked their music, and was stoked to discover that the lead singer, bethany cosentino, is one cool chic with an equally cool sense of style. in one of her interviews i was delighted to learn that bethany has a love of stevie nicks, all things cat, and beyonce!

sorry to focus so much on bethany, but it's easier to relate to her, being a female and all:) but so as not to exclude the rest of the band: other members of best coast include bobb bruno and snacks the cat:) they are based out of los angeles, ca, and released their debut album 'crazy for you' in july 2010, which also happens to be one of my fave tracks. you can watch their video below--it is pretty freaking awesome:)

what do you think?


  1. these guys are AMAZING! their video for boyfriend is one of my all time fave videos ever. too too cute.

  2. she is definitely very cute and stylie. i am curious to see what her tattoo is. it's a little hard to see in the photos.

  3. she looks awesome. and anyone who shares my love of cats gets a gold star in my book(:
    the music is great too! perfect for the summertime.
    thanks for sharing!


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