Friday, July 8, 2011

No Spring Chicken

so it's offical. i'm no spring chicken. nope, i'm 30! can you believe it!? i can't. while it feels weird to no longer be in my twenties and have all the advantages that go along with 'youth,' the older i get the more i look forward to getting older!

i do feel more comfortable in my own skin and all that, but i also feel like now i can be taken more seriously. i felt like getting married added to my 'adult cred,' but i also happen to look super young. but now, rest assured, i am 30!

to celebrate we had some friends over and cooked out and swam. we had shrimp and chicken shish kebobs and a whole array of desserts i had looked up in a rachael ray magazine:) it was pretty awesome. and ofcourse, any mexican birthday would not be complete without a pinata:) it was a wonderful way to celebrate, and i feel so blessed to have been surrounded by so many wonderful, caring friends:)

anywho, here are some pics of last week when we ventured to denton and had some coffee at jupiter house on the denton square. it was good times:)

tank: gap
vest: TheLovelyHunter Vintage
shorts: vintage (they used to be pants and i made them into shorts!)
sandals: UO
necklaces: vintage (that's a picture of me and my brother when we were little!)
rings: vintage, and my wedding band:)

well lovely people, i hope you have a fabulous weekend. lucas and i are headed out to turner falls to camp for the weekend, and i am so excited! see you monday!



  1. happy birthday!! it's exciting to me that our birthdays are so close together. also, that we live so close to each other. coffee date? :)

  2. happy birthday. love your sandals, love the vintage photo necklaces. and i think i want a pinata!


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