Monday, July 11, 2011

Pretty. Funny. Just Plain Awesome....and then some

this weekend was my birthday weekend and lucas and i decided to go to turner falls, ok and camp out. it was crazy hot, but luckily the water was nice and cool:) the park is full of natural swimming holes and creeks as well as a waterfall.

the next day we headed out to pauls valley, ok. we had planned on just setting up camp and seeing a movie, but they listed the wrong times online and we missed the movie. there is pretty much nothing else to do in pauls valley, no starbucks, no mall, so we were stuck with nowhere to go in the 100 degree heat.

we decided to walk around their downtown, even though everything was already closed and came across a large group of people dressed in costume in front of a toy action figure museum. it turns out it was a wedding! so random! we ventured on and stopped to look at a the window of an art gallery, and ran into the owner, who also ran the action figure museum!

he invited us to look inside the gallery, as well as give us a tour of the action figure museum. it was soooo cool! and everything came from his own personal collection. it also turns out that he was the illustrator for the original teenage mutant ninja turtle figures! supercool! after our tour, kevin, the owner, told us about the 'noodling' festival that was going on in town. we were in luck!

for those of you who don't know, noodling is basically when you stick your hands in a body of water, wait until a catfish 'bites, then pull if out by the jaw--pretty crazy. well it turns out that once a year pauls valley has this huge noodling festival where people from all over the world come to see the hugest catches. they put all of the biggest fish in this pool where you can then jump in and pull the fish out yourself! double crazy! it was pretty fun hanging out--there were tons of people, music, food, and drinks.

the next day we headed to arbuckle wilderness, which is basically like a drive-thru zoo where the animals roam free and you roll your window down and feed them. there animals aren't as exotic as you would see at a zoo, but it was still super fun. it was a little scary when we fed the animals, b/c they would basically stick their half of their head in the car, but that was part of the experience:) i wish i had pictures, but unfortunately, i left my camera at home! here's some other stuff instead:)


instead of a treehouse, i'll take this treebed:)

perfect summer drink


jerry maguire ain't got nuthin on bacon.


when my husband saw this, he decided he was a dork:)

just plain awesome.
my next manicure

if i were a villain in an old movie...

how cool is this?!

hope your week got off to an excellent start!

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  1. sounds like a crazy weekend! happy birthday! that drive through zoo sounds incredible.


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