Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Store!

yes i said new store, not new in store. i have officially started another etsy store, dulcedecoco. how did this come to be you wonder? i'm glad you asked:)

my grandmother happens to be an expert seamstress with time on her hands since she retired this year. when i went home this weekend she showed me a slew of aprons she had made for no one in particular. 'grandma, you could sell these you know.' 'for what, five dollars?'

seriously grams? five dollars my behind. and that's where dulcedecoco was born. because the store will be selling handmade and vintage aprons and linens, i wanted the name to have a baking theme. but for any of you who have an etsy store know, finding a name is nearly impossible. so i decided to go the spanish route, since my grandmother is mexican and all. the name actually comes from a dominican dessert my brother-in-law makes, but it seemed to fit nicely.

this is the only item i had listed when i started the store, and it already sold! now to take pictures and post new items...

i hope you will take a look! you might want to give me a few days though:) have a great weekend everyone!


1 comment:

  1. Very retro apron! Love it! Dulcedecoco are so delicious!



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