Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Naughty Puppy

name: banjo campbell
cuteness level: 11 out of 10
crime: being a very naughty puppy!

guess who decided to get out of their cage and have a hayday while his mommy and daddy were at work? yup, this guy. this is what lucas came home to find.

we had just gotten home from camping and housesitting, so we had a whole bunch of random stuff lying around our living room. can you spot the nail file, bra, and measuring tape? thank God he didn't seem to want to go crazy in our bedroom--i had just put up all of my etsy items on a clothing rack!

this is his guilty face

and guess who got out of his cage for the second day in a row? seriously banjo?! it's a good thing he's so dang cute:)


  1. he is so cute!!
    my labs love to rip up full trash bags. one of them ate an entire loaf of bread but left the wrappings. it's actually pretty impressive(:

  2. Oh no!! I had a dog that used to do that, except she used to do it in our kitchen. She opened all the cupboards and ate the food...and then she would great us at the door covered in food stuffs, all excited. They are so luck they are cute, and yours is adorable!!! What kind of pup is he?

  3. oh my god! he is lucky that he's cute. it's hard to stay mad at a cute puppy.

  4. i cant tell you how many times i've come home to this same mess! loving your blog, found you through steffy :)


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