Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Woman After My Own Heart

so, i watch a lot of cartoons. not because i necessarily want to, but because when you are around kids it's pretty much a given. and when you watch a three year-old little girl, the chances of those cartoons having a princess of some kind almost triple:)

the other day as i was watching snow white for the thirtieth time, i began to see her royal highness in a new light. the first thing snow white did when she entered the dwarve's little cottage was notice how dirty it was and, thenceforth, begin to clean it--we're talkin' full-blown scrub-down here too. yes snow white, yes! i too cannot stand a dirty house. thank you for being kind enough to clean up after those messy little dwarves, but not too nice to let them get away without a good scolding:)

 do these shoes look familiar? they look almost exactly like the ones snow white is wearing! aren't they cute? you can find them here on modcloth:)

as i was browsing pictures of miss white to use for this post i came across a very interesting photograph by dina goldstein. dina was inspired by the origins of fairy tales, whose stories are surprisingly often very dark and disturbing. (if you have ever read the original 'little mermaid you know what i'm talking about.) dina decided to juxtapose disney's idealized princesses with real-life  women struggling with issues like identity, illness, addiction, etc. here's her portrayal of snow white.

not exactly snow white's perfect ending, (ie lazy prince watching tv as sw deals with their four children.) not the most heartwarming of photographs either, but very interesting. goldstein also features rapunzel, cinderella, ariel, and jasmine among others in her work, oftentimes delving into controversial subject matter. to see more, visit her website, fallenprincesses.

on a brighter note, i am having a give-away for my etsy store, being featured on steffy's pros and cons. be sure to enter! the winner will be chosen in a week:)



  1. wow, her portrayal of snow white is really interesting, going to check out her website right now. :)

  2. i watch a lot of cartoons too, but love it! cute post, especially those shoes


  3. Dina's photos are super interesting!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I found you from Steffy's giveaway! I really like your blog so far. :)

    I also think these photos from Dina are great. It really tackles against the idea of perfection.


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