Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dallas Will Miss You

a few weeks ago one of my favorite vintage stores in dallas closed, and i was pretty bummed. ahab bowen has been a Dallas staple for years--they have great stuff, and best of all, they aren't super expensive. so i was really sad to see them go. they did have some crazy awesome sales, so that was nice, and ofcourse i managed to come away with a few finds:) this dress is perfect for the sweltering weather we have been having. i like that it's sleeveless, so there's no chance for pit stains--ha!

dress: ahab bowen vintage
shoes: UO

it's kind of late news, but i wanted to let you know that the winner of my giveaway over at steffysprosandcons is anaivilo from romania! she chose a lovely yellow printed blouse. go visit her blog at's got great style!

second announcement! for any of you who are new bloggers/shopowners looking to get your name out there, i am too! if you would like to ad swap or be featured in a giveaway just e-mail me for more information:)

i am looking forward to sharing all of the pictures we've been taking here in sf!



  1. You have the cutest bangs! And what a lovely dress. :)

  2. man oh man, ahab has been my fave vintage shop since high school. (my sis actually got her prom dress there.) so to hear that they were closing was absolutely devastating. they always had the best sales and inventory. glad you found some good stuff before they closed their doors forever!

  3. this dress is so cute!! dresses with pockets are my absolute favorite!! and i am in love with your sandals!!

  4. Love your hair cut, it's lovely!

  5. oh my goodness, that place was awesome! we got so many costumes for school shows there (which i now wear on a regular basis). that is too bad. you look super cute though! and what lovely nails!

  6. Really cute little summer dress. Sorry to hear one of your favorite vintage stores closed! That's so crappy, but at least you found a few awesome things there before they closed.


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