Sunday, August 28, 2011


this is what i wore one night hanging out at tommy and lydia's. they have house with a backyard so i took full advantage of the opportunity to be able to shoot some photos in a non-public place, aka, not my apartment. i felt bad, b/c i made them stay inside while we took the pictures, but i did catch them peeking out of their curtains a few times!

top: TheLovelyHunter
bottoms: thrifted
shoes: Esprit, TheLovelyHunter

i like this top because when you open your arms the sleeves create little wings, like you could lift off and take flight at any moment:) and it's also super loose and comfy. this top and the shoes i am wearing should be up for sale in my store soon. i have a ton of new clothes waiting to be posted, but i have been so bad about taking pictures of new stuff lately--i blame it on the heat! happy monday lovelies!



  1. i want that shirt. i mean it, if you have/find another one lying around, i call dibs on it. so. cute. :)

  2. Cute top! I love the colors & pattern.


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