Saturday, August 27, 2011


ohmygoodness! i wouldn't say i have been busy lately, i would just say i feel like i have had a lack of time. does that make sense? every time i come home from being out of town i feel like i have a ton of stuff to catch up on--mostly laundry. i seriously have about 10 loads sitting on my couch right now.

our san francisco trip was so much fun. i got to catch up with old friends and show lucas my favorite places around the city. i feel like most of our trip centered around food:) but i can't help that there are so many yum places to eat in sf--we didn't even get to go to them all! yosemite was a blast too. i forgot how absolutely beautiful it is, and the weather was perfect!

and wouldn't you know it, i forgot to pack the camera battery, so half of our trip went undocumented--fail! and did i mention that i also lost my license? we were trying to buy beer at trader joe's and the cashier asked for my license, and to my dismay, it wasn't there! we had to have lucas's parents overnight it so i would have it for check-in on the returning flight. ironically, we found it under the passenger side seat after already looking there about five million times.

anywho, this post was supposed to be a little peek into our house. this is the 'dining room.'

this is an old sewing machine that lucas bought at a garage sale. i love anything mid-century modern looking like this. now if i just knew how to use the machine!

i think it's so neat how avon used to package perfumes and colognes in such a unique way. i bet you won't see any perfumes disguised as binoculars or a pipe nowadays.

this is our invisible bookshelf. originally, they were supposed to go up the entire wall, but we got kinda lazy:) if you look closely you can see lucas in the background.

we have an abundance of books at our house. if you haven't caught on by now, lucas has a little bit of a garage sale habit that translates into tons of little odds and ends that i fit in random places around the apartment.

i thought these salt and pepper shakers were so cute! i held out a long time to find the perfect pair before finally settling on purchasing these at UO.

our aunt merilyn gave us these plates for our wedding. her last name is fish so these fish-shaped plates were very fitting:)

hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend. we are planning on catching up with friends since we've been gone. what are you doing?


  1. I feel the exact same way! There's just so many things to do one right after another :P I love the pictures of your house! They're so cute :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. You have such a cute place! I love the books stacked underneath that pretty chair. I always enjoy seeing how people decorate their houses.

  3. Awe that's too bad about the camera and the license! But I will say your house is adorable :)

  4. what an adorable house you have! i am lovin' the center pieces on the table. simple and sweet.


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