Thursday, August 25, 2011


how many times have you been excited that one of your favorite books is being made into a movie only to see the movie and be super disappointed? i am hoping this is not the case with these three. if the actors and directors involved are any indication of how good the movie will be, i am expecting to be at least moderately entertained.


i read this book under the influence of one of my ex-boyfriends who was a huge jack kerouac fan, and i'm glad i did:) the book is basically a trippy/existential chronicle of a group of young people as they travel across the country in the 1940's.

the cast  includes amy adams, kristen stewart, kirsten dunst, steve buschemi, and vigo mortensen. lesser known actor sam riley stars as the main character based on kerouac, sal paradise. i've only seen sam riley in one film called 'control,' based on the life of the lead singer of joy division, but he was excellent in it. so excited to see this movie this fall!


these books are near and dear to my heart. i really think i might have read every book in the series, and my mom still has most of them stored in my closet at home! the books follow twin sisters jessica and elizabeth wakefield and their experiences throughout high school. 

they made the series into a tv show in the 90's but it was pretty much a bomb. screenwriter diablo cody of juno fame has already penned the script, but it is taking forever to get this movie off the ground. i don't even think they've picked a cast, but when they do, i hope they get it right! whoever is cast as jessica/elizabeth is pretty much going to make or break the movie. i love thinking of what modern day actors would be perfect to play my favorite characters in books. this site did a pretty good job of casting their picks, but i think abbie cornish would be the perfect jessica/elizabeth:)


this book is one of my favorites of all time. have you ever read a book and it was perfect for the time and things that were going on in your life at that exact moment? this is this book for me. i just related to the main character charlie so much, even though he was a fifteen-year old in highschool and i was a twenty-four year old who had just moved to california.

emma watson and logan lerman are set to play the main characters, but other well known actors include nina dobrev from 'vampire diaries, kate walsh from grey's anatomy, dylon mcdermott, paul rudd, and mae whitman from the tv show parenthood.

i hope you are excited as i am about these upcoming movies. if you could pick one book to be made into a movie what would it be? and who would you pick to be in it?


  1. They are making a sweet valley high book!?!? So fun. I agree with you! I hope they do a good job on these books to movies!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. oh my goodness i love perks of being a wallflower!! i can't wait to see the movie.
    and what a good question! i think i would want to see "the curious garden" as a film. it's a children's book based on the highline here in new york and i think it would be just lovely on film.

  3. I run another website dedicated to the casting of book-to-film adaptations, so this post made me smile a bit. Personally, I'd love someone to turn my novel into a movie. Because I'm totally not biased...

  4. I love perks of being a wallflower!!! It's my all time favorite book to date :D

  5. I cannot WAIT for The Perks of Being a Wallflower!!! I felt exactly the same way about that book. I'm also really, really excited for the Hunger Games movie. Nerd out!!


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