Monday, September 19, 2011


i love seeing other people's houses. oftentimes i think i have an idea of what someone's home will look like, and i end up being totally surprised when i see it in real life. lucas and i used to know at least three other people who lived in the same apartment complex as us, and all of our apartments, same layout and size, still managed to look so different! 

i feel like my apartment with lucas is my first real home. every other place i've lived i've had roommates and used most of their decoration and furniture, which had always been fine. but it was so nice having our own place and being able to decorate and furnish the apartment exactly how i wanted. God bless lucas for pretty much letting do whatever i wanted with everything:)

i never knew until we got our apartment what a nester i was! the first thing i did when we moved in was concentrate on making our new place feel like a home. i am always on the lookout for another new little something to add to our apartment. and i am constantly rearranging and redecorating things. for me, the place i live is very personal, and i want it to have a certain feeling just being there. here is a little peek into our living room:)

lucas had this couch for years before i met him. he got it from his grandparents and, instead of a bed, he slept on this couch! it was one of the only things lucas had to have in the apartment. i actually do like it though, and luckily it fits in with the rest of our stuff pretty well:)

lucas got me this orchid for our anniversary and it is already dying! i can never keep any type of plant around for too long, even succulents! the framed pictures are a couple of our engagement pics.

there are books all over our apartment.

this 'home sweet home' sign is my newest project in our apartment. i cut the letters out of an old map and taped them to the wall!

banjo was my model for most of the shoot:)

this bookshelf used to belong to lucas's grandparents and this chair is part of a set that we got at a garage sale--score!

ikea vases and fake flowers. i would like to say that they are real, but flowers be expensive these days y'all!

lucas's parents used these cameras when they were missionaries in the canary islands. i like it that a lot of things in our apartment have a story.

as much as i love our apartment, i am looking forward to the day that we have an actual house. maybe next year?! what's your place like? 


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