Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh Brother

so i have been pretty MIA for a while. this mostly has to do with the fact that we still do not have any internet at our house. i have managed to get by so far without it, but omg it is such a pain! i feel like this is about the hundredth time i've mentioned it, so i'll make it the last:)

but...i've got to admit, i've also been in kind of a rut lately. it is my aim to always be content and thankful with where God has me, but sometimes it is easier said than done. right now i just don't feel excited about anything, and that makes me kind of bummed out. i feel like i need something new to get my juices flowing, something to be passionate about. do you ever feel that way?

i am really glad that fall is almost here. that's a rare statement coming from someone who loves summer as much as i do, but i feel like along with the change of season i will have fun fall things to look forward to. i will be filling my store with new fall clothes, getting to dress in something besides cutoffs and tank tops, and planning my halloween costume:) lucas and i will also be starting our own bible study, so that should be a pretty interesting endeavor as well. here's to a fresh outlook september!


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  1. I really felt like that at the end of summer. I've been feeling a lot better since school has started. I think sometimes just a little bit of change, even if it's a change in the weather or season, can help you get excited about things again.
    I sent your necklace, so hoping you get it soon!


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