Tuesday, September 6, 2011

San Francisco Treat

i am going to admit that i am pretty proud, and surprised, that i actually am posting pictures of our trip. even though there are so many pictures i feel like this covers only a smidge of everything we saw. i did forget to pack the battery charger so we do only have pictures of the first two days. i can't imagine how many photos we would have taken had we had our camera the whole time! lucas and i made it a point to take lots and lots of mental pictures:) and those are the best kind.

it drives me crazy that these pictures are not sized the same, but i don't have my laptop anymore, hence the lack of a sufficient program to size pictures. i had gotten a virus on my laptop earlier this summer, but i was still able to work on it. now the battery has completed died, which i am pretty sure is connected to the virus. i am just happy i have access to any computer at all right now!

i am also happy to say that i have been feeling in better spirits these last couple of days. i am currently house-sitting, so the change of scenery has been nice. i also was able to take lots of pictures of new clothing for my store, which i am really excited to share with you guys. i hope you are having a fabulous week--God bless you all!


1 comment:

  1. jealous! that looks like so much fun. :) i'm sure you guys had a blasty-blast.


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