Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Post?

 i have the driest skin ever. in the summertime my skin is golden, not greasy, just right. actually, i would say that it still needs a good lotioning. but in the winter my skin is downright dry. dry to the point to where little dry pieces peel off my nose (that sounded gross just typing it).

i have never really found a moisturizer that i really liked, so i decided to go another route--olive oil. i've been reading in magazines about how great of a natural moisturizer oil can be, for not only your skin, but your hair too. so for the past couple of weeks i have been slathering this stuff on all over my bod. 

and the funny thing is, i think it might actually be working. i use it on my hair to calm frizz, on my skin for my ashy knees, and on my face for my peely nose. and the best part is, i feel like it's basically free because i already have it in my kitchen!

have you ever tried olive oil or any other kinds of oils for a moisturizer? what do you think? i will let you guys know if i'm still using it a week from now:)


  1. WOW! Awesome!! I am afraid to try this beauty product. Has it caused any breakouts?
    I'm so glad it's working for you, dry skin is the WORST!

  2. I haven't...but I have used coconut oil before and liked it. I am afraid olive oil would be too strong for my skin.

  3. I use coconut oil on my skin and in my hair as a deep moisturizer. I would like to try olive oil, i've always been a little nervous that I would smell too olive-y :P
    did you feel like the smell was bearable or overbearing?


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