Sunday, November 13, 2011


lately the weeks have been flying by. by the end of every week i am prety wiped out. thankfully, I usually have mondays off, and even though i am usually working on the blog or my store, it's so nice to be home by myself and just be. No rush, no meeting to be had or place to go. just me, my computer, and a cup of tea:) do you know what i mean?

this week the weather has been gorg and a half. we don't usually have a good fall here in texas. usually it's hot, cool for two weeks, then cold for the rest of the winter. but this year we are getting some good shorts with tights weather in, sans heavy jacket! my only complaint is that now it starts to get early at 5:00! seriously?! i need me some sun!

here's a little peek at my week. (starting from top left going clockwise)

1. loving being able to sip on some tea now that the weather is cooling down.
2. lucas, dressed up for a work event. i like to call him 'the other white meat.'
3. new favorite shirt!
4. naps on the couch--my favorite pair of feet:)
5. banjo keeping me company while i do laundry.
6. fall decorating, even though i really want to decorate for Christmas!

new week. new beginning... have a good one my friends!


  1. I like your new favorite shirt!
    Every week flies away fast for me too...
    I dont think I enjoy life as I should :(

  2. Cute little instagram pictures!
    P.S.: the coffee cake recipe I use is the Bisquick streusel coffee cake. It's super easy and I love the tasty streusel topping.

  3. I know right? This semester has gone flying, I just can't believe it! A few weeks and christmas will be here! I love your instagrams, your puppy is too cute!

  4. Girl I know exactly what you mean! By Friday night I definitely just want to get in bed and sleep and chill! I used to want to go out, but not anymore! hahaha

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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