Monday, January 9, 2012

Girl Crush

when i came across music artist nikki lane in W magazine, i had an instant girl crush. i am a sucker for the alt-country sound, i.e. ryan adams, neko case, and i would say nikki's music is somewhere around that category. her music has a nostalgic feel that takes you back to classic country, and since i am a romantic at heart, i love being transported back in time where i imagine myself sporting a beehive and wearing fabulous clothes.
lane is a south carolina native who now resides in nashville. her first album 'walk of shame' came out this september. i am bummed that i missed her on tour (always happens to me) but hopefully she will book more shows soon.

despite being so cute and stylish looking, in her magazine interviews, nikki sounds very down-to-earth, like you could actually be friends with her. she even has her own mobile vintage store, high class hillbilly, where she sells her own vintage finds while she's on the road touring-- truly a girl after my own heart!


  1. I think I have a crush now too! She has great style and I love the dress in the video too! :) Lo

  2. ahh thank you for the new music recommendation! i love her! she sort of reminds me of old country ladies like loretta lynn.

  3. I don't have sound on the computer I'm using but I'm def in love with her style! Such a great mix of pretty and tomboy!

  4. This song is a grower :)
    oh and I love that multi coloured dress towards the end of the vid!

  5. here's the link to the inky ombre nails on pinterest!


  6. Now I'm in the library and I can't but I would like to listen her music, I don't know her.


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